Monday, May 5, 2008

About (a New Forum) launched on March 24, 2008, partly in response to heavy-handed censoring on Poets & Writers Speakeasy and the forums. Both forums have banned members; in the case of Speakeasy, the members have been banned permanently. "unbanned" certain members, only to ban them again, this time permanently; the forum's administrators have made it very clear that these controversial members had better self-censor or be subject to permanent exile. What's really sad is that ACommoner's posts did not warrant being censor.

ACommoner was censored because he dared to tell the ugly truth about the po-biz. That's it.

Legally, these forums probably have the right to ban anyone they wish; on the other hand, both and Poets & Writers do accept government funding.

Issues regarding the code of silence surrounding anti-establishment literary ideas and information are just too important to be ignored. Some forums appear to be censoring their members for specious reasons. follows The Public-Forum Doctrine, thus, not censoring unpopular viewpoints, even if the admins and mods disagree, and controversial information.

New threads will be added regularly. You will be able to post whatever is on your mind on a given topic.

Temporarily, the forum is in blogger mode; threads have been started and appear under "Threads and Labels." You will be able to find a thread simply by clicking on Threads and pulling up a list and finding a thread that interests you.

If you have some ideas for additional threads, please email me, and I will add them--along with your attributed or anonymous commentary.

In some ways, the blogger format will be easier in that you will not need to join in order to post. Also, you may post anonymously; I am going to trust (for now) that posters will post their comments in a way that will promote open intellectual discussion and reserve general snark and self-promotion for the Smackdown and Shameless Self-Promotion threads.

I have temporarily disabled the captcha feature; thus, you will be able to post freely. However, if automated sp@m becomes a problem, I will have to enable captchas.

The down side of a blogger forum: you will not have access to a private message function.

So are you ready yet?
(, a private forum, is NOT affiliated in any way with or Poets & Writers Speakeasy forums).